Courses I conduct

About My Courses:


Welcome to my training courses, where I share insights from my formal training and hands-on experience since 2000.


My journey didn't start with the intention of becoming a trainer; instead, I aspired to be a proficient manager, a successful leader, and a beloved father. My relentless pursuit of knowledge and skill enhancement was geared towards achieving these personal goals.


The brief but impactful training I received in NLP, coupled with my extensive work experience, uniquely positioned me to deliver content that goes beyond theory, emphasising practical applications.


Hailing from a diverse business background, I navigated through family businesses, experienced the intricacies of corporate hierarchies, ventured into entrepreneurship, and successfully ran my own company for several years. This journey crystallised the belief that effectively addressing daily workplace challenges and fostering positive relationships among colleagues contribute to any organisation's happiness and motivation.


To tackle problems effectively, accurate identification of their roots is paramount. Recognising the myriad variables influencing workplace dynamics has given me valuable insights into navigating crises during challenging times.


Course Topics:


  1. Sleight of Mouth: Uncover 18 ways our brains connect X with Y. Explore alternative methods to change values and enhance persuasiveness. This empowers us to address weaknesses, unlock our potential, and enrich communication with our surroundings.
  2. Meta Programs: Delve into how we perceive, evaluate, decide, and motivate. Gain a profound understanding of individual differences, fostering acceptance and respect. Mastering meta programs enhances relationships with colleagues and loved ones.

Course Duration:

Sleight of Mouth: Approximately 3 hours

Meta Programs: Approximately 5 hours (varies based on audience)


Combined Course: While each course can be taken independently, I strongly recommend combining both in a single day. This approach ensures a deeper understanding of fundamental issues and yields more impactful results.


Who Would Benefit:


  • Companies: Enhance the skills and communication abilities of your sales team.
  • Teachers: Improve effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Individuals: Elevate communication skills for personal development and enrich relationships with friends and family.
  • Managers: Gain insights into human behaviour to lead more effectively.
  • Anyone in Communication Roles: Extract valuable knowledge to enhance your communication strategies.


Join me on this journey of growth and transformation. Let's unlock your potential together!